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Igbo Community Association in the Midlands (ICAM) General Meeting

Venue: Ladywood Methodist Church St. Vincent Street West, Birmingham, B16 8RW
Dates for ICAM General Meetings in 2017

  • Sunday, May 28th 2017
  • Sunday, July 30th 2017
  • Sunday, September 24th 2017
  • Sunday, November 26th 2017
Start Time is usually 4:30PM

About Igbo Community Association in the Midlands (ICAM)

Igbo Community Association in the Midlands is a social and welfare voluntary organisation dedicated to the strengthening of the Igbo community in the West Midlands and the demonstration of Igbo culture to the people of the West Midlands and indeed the UK. Igbo people come from the eastern part of Nigeria (West Africa) and are one of the main Nigerian ethnic groups. The Culture is rich and versatile and dates back many centuries.

ICAM is an organisation that promotes the socio-cultural identity of Ndigbo in the Midlands with emphasis on the promotion of friendship and welfare of its members and their families.

The Igbo community

The Igbo Community Association in the Midlands has an estimated population of two thousand people. Igbos are resident in all parts of the United Kingdom but in the Midlands they form a closely knit community of highly enterprising people with numerous professionals spread in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Architecture, Business Administration, Accountancy to name a few.

Igbo Community Association in the Midlands hosts IWAJI 2012 (New Yam Festival)

The Igbo Community Association in the Midlands are finalising preparations to stage the largest African event in the Midlands. This annual event is in its fifteenth year and draws people from all over the United Kingdom.

IWAJI 2012 promises to be an extravaganza with Igbo traditional ceremony, music, dance, food and drink. On the day of the Iwa-Ji, all youth dances will be performed by children born in this country some of whom have not been to Nigeria but who due to our efforts are totally aware of our culture etc. Any funding we generate from the Iwa-Ji will be used for above activities.
Should you wish to donate financially to our community association, this would be very much appreciated and the floor can be made available to you to say a few words if you so require on the day only. We look forward to your presence.

Over the years, this event has proven to bring communities together and demonstrate an important Igbo traditional day in the Igbo calendar year. This year the organisation hopes to do the same. The Mayor of Wolverhampton and the Major of Birmingham and Solihull will be attending as well as several important dignities from around the UK.

The Igbo live in a dynamic society, a complex sociocultural setup they inherited from great ancestors. Archaeological finds in and around Afikpo, Nsukka, Igbo Ukwu and Ugwuele reveal beyond all doubts that human beings existed in Igbo land as far back as 100,000 BC to 50,000 BC. No matter what these ancestors looked like and no matter what languages they spoke, we know that cultural activities are not new to the theatre of Igbo civilization. According to Professor M. A. Onwuejeogwu, Igbo language emerged from the proto-Niger linguistic groups about 8,000 years ago. Probably because of the republican nature of the Igbo people, the degree of difference of varieties of Igbo language spoken today is extensive.(Chinua Achebe)

Supporting the Igbo community in the West Midlands
The Igbo Community Association in the Midlands was born out of the pressing need to provide support to the needy members of our community, especially the elderly, sick and bereaved. It is a social and welfare voluntary organisation dedicated to the strengthening of the Igbo community in the West Midlands and the demonstration of Igbo culture to the people of the West Midlands and the UK in general.

The association is non-profit making and seeks to promote equal opportunities amongst its members.
Bronze Bull 2003
Our mission:

To offer support and assistance to members, promote social integration and friendship among members, and other ethnic groups in the wider community.
To promote, develop and maintain Igbo language, culture and tradition within the community, inculcate the Igbo culture, traditions and values in out children, also to serve as a focal point of reference, of direction and collective leadership.

The BIGgest African Festival in West Midlands (Iwa-Ji Festival)
Iwaji The Iwaji (New Yam Festival) is a traditional cultural annual event celebrated by Igbo Nigerians worldwide the festival is an opportunity for us to come together and share our culture and heritage. This ceremony has been celebrated for centuries and remains an important tradition in the lives of Igbo people.

During the Iwa-Ji Festival the traditional head of the community heralds the commencement of the festive period by harvesting a new Yam planted specially for the occasion. The Yam is then prepared, usually by roasting, and used for the ceremonial rites. At the end of the performance, the traditional head cuts the roasted Yam, takes a piece, dips it in a bowl of fresh palm-oil and proceeds to eat it in full view of everyone present. This marks the commencement of the festivities. Canon shots are usually fired. The number of shots fired will depend on the number of villages that make up the community. This is followed by assorted forms of merry-making including cultural dances, masquerading, wrestling competitions and age-grade activities.
In our annual Iwaji ceremony event there�s a variety entertainment including a performance of ceremonial rites by the Igwe (King), cultural dances by Igbo men, women and their children as well as a display of Igbo cultural activities in the form of contemporary shows, fashion parade, and feasting at a grand scale on a wide variety of food making up the menu of the Igbo people.

Below are the links for the BBC WEBSITE feature;
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In the last ten years, we have been the flagship organisation putting on this event for the benefit of all those who love African culture. This event as a motivational tool provides us with the opportunity to meet, and interact with other high profile and celebrities and share the amazing experience of the evening.
Iwaji This event enjoys a very high popularity among African, Caribbean and some Europeans with about 85% annual increase in guest response. We have attracted audiences across the ethnic divide.

In recent years, we have had the Acting High Commissioner, H E Ambassador Dozie Nwanna OON, Mayors from City of Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Solihull and Warwick attending. Activities at the event have been commended for there originality and delivery by all dignitaries who attended.

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